The Living Dune (2020) was a joint pop-up installation with photographer Ben Alper. 

The show was unfortunately closed to the public after one week of installation due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. 

The images here are a mix of documents of the installed show of photographic works, and other photographs from the project. 

This show was commissioned and sanctioned by The University of North Carolina's Arts Everwhere Initiative and the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership.  

See here for a full text statement about the work. 

See here for a full catalog of the show. 

Online items relevant to the show:

***An Explanatory Note to the Committee***

I understand that an exhibition of photographs isn't the same as a published journalism piece, although this work was sanctioned and endorsed UNC's Arts Everywhere Initiative and the Downtown Chapel Hill Partnership. I am hoping that this would fit a broader definition of published work.

I am including this work over another published assignment because of my work samples, it relates the most to my application and proposed project. This work was made over a three year period from 2017-2020, and the show opened in February of 2020.

Only when noted in the captions, pictures have elements of staging, as an editorial portrait often requires. I would not employ these strategies for my proposed work, for reasons outlined in my proposal. 

Please note that although this was a collaborative show, the single images featured in this gallery are my works - aside from Horizons, which is an installed piece featuring photographs from both of us.  The rest of the images document the space and feature photographs by both of us. The full show catalog, linked above, breaks out the works by author.