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Pt. 1
Where Civil War Soldiers Will March Again

(Multi-part shoot for the New York Times).

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Dust (2018-2022)

Beginning in 2018, and increasing in frequency with the lockdown of 2020, I began to walk, and rewalk routes from my apartment in downtown Durham, NC, recording the changing physical environment along the way.

This body of work has been an attempt to look closely at the signs of constant change that are all around us. Photographed is evidence of hurricane damage, a large natural gas explosion, a run of the mill polluted creek, multiple demolitions and development projects and signs of wear and tear in the environment in general. This work comprises a greater collection of pictures, still being edited, that is intended to be realized as my third monograph. 

3) Untitled


In 2022 I began photographing the Huron River Watershed with the intentions of turning the work into a series of written and photographed essays that weave together the past stories of the landscape with its current ecological status.

The written essays in particular would reveal what the pictures cannot necessarily show, contrasting the pastoral imagery with facts and anecdotes about local pollution, water health, plant health.