Again and Again
(Artist’s Book)

Photographs + Text by Peter Hoffman
Photo Editing + Sequencing by Melissa Catanese
Design + Layout by Elana Schlenker
ISBN – 978-1-4951-2290-3

Edition of 150
Published 2014
120 pp
58 Color Photographs on Mohawk Coated paper
8 Color Photographs on Vellum 
Photograph printed directly onto ibalin cover. 
Perfect Bound
Foil Stamped Title 

Three cover paper variations, interiors mix in colored paper pulled at random so each book in this edition is slightly different.
Edition of 150
Published 2014
120 pp

Sold Out 


The Terrestrial(2017-2021)

Narrative Overgrowth(2017-ongoing)

Fragments(2018-2020) A web-based collaboration with Michael Zhang

The Living Dune(2020) An Installation with Ben Alper

Useful FictionsA Group Experiment at École Polytechnique (2019)

Glass Corner(2014-2018) Artist Book

Fox River Derivatives(2010-2013) Remnants of pictures from a riverbank

Post Landfill, Ill.(2009-2011)

The Yard(2009-??)

Commissions (1)Artists, Writers, Musicians etc. (2010 - )

Commissions (2)Designers, Workers, Academics, Corporate, etc. (2010-ongoing)

Commissions (3)Stories from Chicago (2010 - )

Mobiüs(2012-202?...) Unresolved. Will not resolve.

People and Land(2008) NNFP/Center for Rural Strategies

The House(2009-2015)

Untitled: Loop(2010-2017)

Studies (The Lake)(2013 - 2016)

Studies (Ellerbe-e)(2020-2021)

Studies (Places)(2009 - )