Glass Corner
(Artist’s Book)

Photographed through one set of windows at a pedestrian intersection in a suburban Midwest town during the winter of 2014. Glass Corner is a meditation on the window as a vehicle for connection and separation at the same time. 

Photographs + Sequencing by Peter Hoffman
Design by Elana Schlenker

Edition of 40
Published 2018
Hardcover, 120 pgs
57 Color Photographs on Mohawk Silk Coated paper
Smyth-Sewn Binding
Tipped in cover image
Three cover paper variations.
Interiors mix in colored paper pulled at random from the same subset of colors, so each book in this edition is slightly different - in one book a photograph may be printed on red stock paper, in another book the same photograph may be printed on a brown stock. Images printed on color paper use a layer of white ink below to minimize color shift of the image from copy to copy.